January 27th, 2003


Can I get an award for this?

I've managed to stub my next-to-baby toe so badly that it bled and bruised and is likely broken. Now THAT is talent, boys and girls. It hurt really really badly when I did it, and Mom checked it out and thinks I'll be fine. But it is very sore and I'm not looking forward to putting on shoes tomorrow, I can tell you. *winces*

Other than that, ran errands, chatted to people and finally watched the last two episodes of Smallville. Visage was horrifying. I'm not done with Insurgence yet, and I should really go to bed, but I can't. Lexxxxxxxxxx....
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    OUCHIE :(


I am fucking starving and I can't eat for another half an hour and I'm freezing because there's something wrong with the temperature control in this room so I'm wearing my coat indoors and my hands are still cold and my toe hurts and woe is me. Waaaaaahhhhhhh....
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    chattering teeth!!!