January 25th, 2003


Don't make me get all Hermione on your ass

You see, I have spent a good portion of today being teased by people about my Hermione-ness. So that popped out of my mouth in response to something that was said, and it has stuck.

I don't know how I managed it, but I set my alarm for an hour LATER than I should have, and consequently rolled over and looked at the clock about 15 minutes before it was supposed to go off - which would be 15 minutes past when I should have left the house. You can see the problem inherent there. But, somehow, I must've broken the space time continuum because I managed to get out the door in 15 minutes flat (looking like crap but oh well) and was at work an hour and 5 minutes later - meaning I was only 5 minutes late. Normally my commute takes at least an hour and a half.

I put in my request for 3 days off at the end of March to go to London. I still haven't mentioned my plan to my family or anything, because technically I don't have the vacation time, but they let us borrow against our earned time. It's just a matter of whether or not my boss approves the time off. Once she does, I'll book the ticket. I just hope the fare sale holds out.

altricial, anatsuno, weatherby, puckmalfoy and I had the GIRLIEST conversation EVER this evening. I have a sudden fascination with lipgloss currently (that -20 below windchill might have something to do with it) and I mentioned I had stopped by the drugstore and bought like 5 new flavours. We then got into a long debate about the best flavours and the disgusting ones. I must say that the Lip Frosting in Birthday Cake flavour is my current fave.

But I suppose it is good that I am feeling a bit girly as I have a date tomorrow night and will actually put on makeup. I've told a few of you about it and I am going into it with curiousity mostly, no real expectations. So we'll see what happens.

And finally - HAPPY BIRTHDAY resmiranda!!!!
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Happy LJ Anniversary to me!

A year ago today, one kissaki gave me an LJ code, and thus, the annoyance on your friends' lists was born. >:D< Of course, I am counting the start of morrigan_veela and not this particular one, but save the name change, it was a year ago today.

So there it is. All ye rejoice me being around or not. ;P
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