January 14th, 2003


Blah :(

I thought I was feeling out-of-sorts earlier just because I was tired and because thezeppo has gone, but no. It's now quite clear that I'm sick. I've sneezed a zillion times and blown my nose even more. My head is killing me and I am all stuffed up. I have another half an hour at work, then I am spraying Lysol all over everything and heading out. I will be stopping by the store on the way home, where I will stock up on the kleenex with aloe in it, soup, and cold/sinus meds. Then I will go home and go to bed.
(weatherby - I will come on and talk to you while I eat my soup)

David, I really hope I didn't get you sick, but whatever you do, don't breathe on heidi8! I will never forgive myself if I get her sick through you while she's preggers. :(
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Regarding RestrictedSection.org - PLEASE READ

To paraphase the lovely eleveninches, if I see anyone saying RS is a slash site, giving out the address of the WB's or Scholastic's or Raincoast's lawyers, and/or encouraging people to flame said lawyers, I will not treat it lightly.

Tell EVERYONE. We need to handle this in as professional a manner as possible, and these people getting random letters from any of you is NOT that. Trying to fight the The Man is going to make the situation worse. If you want to do ANYTHING to help RS, please just WAIT. We will let you know if we need a letter campaign or anything else from you. Thank you.