January 10th, 2003


Freshly hazelnutty

I am so bloody exhausted. I stayed up far too late last night, and then I had to get up at a reasonable hour to go to an appointment I had. Then I came back home and did a bunch more things and then ran out the door to go to the airport. I stopped for gas and paid for a carwash since the car looked like hell and then I got back to where the carwash was and it was CLOSED. >:0!!! So I had to go get David with a dirty car. I was not amused. -.-

I managed to find David at what I believe is now the world's second busiest airport rather than the busiest and then we headed back home, where the dog and he fell madly in love. Don't ask.

I took him out for Chicago-style pizza and he pronounced it "nice" which I believe is a euphenism for "not exactly crap," but that's allright. Then we came back home and he's been attached to my computer ever since (I'm in the next room on Mom's at the moment). I do believe he's part Borg, but I really DON'T want to think about where he attaches to the computer. Eeeyeeew, I just did. -.-

Tomorrow I'm going to take him into Chicago proper and we'll go to the Field Museum and then either the Sears Tower or the Hancock, and then a quick trip to Boystown and driving through the city.

Okay, I think I am going to go and kick his arse offline and make him sleep.
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David is a bitch

He agreed with me when I said this quiz was wrong because no one actually reads my fics. -.-
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Luckily he is now here and I get to actually do things to him when he makes these comments. Muhahahaha.

And yes, must register later on for ConceptionNimbus 2003.
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