January 6th, 2003


Dispelling rumors, pushing truth

It has come to my attention that the old rumor that I am in love with thezeppo is once again making the rounds. It wasn't true 7 or 8 months ago when clueless people who don't know me first said it, and it's not true now.

I have NO idea why people who don't know me and aren't friends of mine are SO fascinated by my personal life, but as apparently they are, I thought I would clear things up for everyone.

* I am actually in love with tobymalfoy. Anyone who actually knows me would know that. Sheesh.

* I am going to have queerasjohn's babies. They will be very tall, way too damn smart, and most likely heterosexual and conservative simply to spite their parents.

* I am married to altricial, osanna and anatsuno, the first two for nearly a year (*BEAMS*), and with the third we are still in the newlywed stage. *bats eyelashes*
Seeing as I believe in open relationships, there is always room for more, so if you're interested, let me know.

* eleveninches is my pimp. As of yet she has not made one red cent off me, but she apparently has high hopes for the future.

* kissaki is my dominatrix. If she says jump, I say "how high?" And if I'm especially good, she gets out her crop and lets me lick her gothy boots.

* weatherby is sometimes like the other half of my brain. Most of the time I have no idea where it is and miss it terribly.

* chiriko and puckmalfoy are my little cuddle bunnies. I love them and squeeze them and call them George.

* I completely and utterly worship hautemonde's breasts. And her mind ain't bad, either. *waggles eyebrows*

* I want to snog dancingrain and I'm not afraid to say so. Repeatedly.

That's not everyone, but there is enough for perhaps some truth to be spread instead of silly rumors. I care for thezeppo greatly, but that's all it is. If you'd like to argue about how you know better, you know where to find me. :>
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