December 25th, 2002


Happy Christmas!

I hope that if you celebrate in any way, shape or form, religious or not, you have a lovely day. :)

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Okay, I'm very tired, so I am off to get ready for bed. Love and good tidings to one and all!
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I'm still tired. I got up and made breakfast, and then we made my parents get up, and then we went to open gifts. I got:

* a $30 gift card for Best Buy (from my brother)
* healthy recipes cookbook (from my sister)
* an apron that says "Sophisticated, Seductive, Complex And Full-Bodied (...And the wine's not bad, either) (from my cousin)
* a teddy bear dressed in a hockey uniform that has a stand (also from my cousin)
* a Big Dogs calendar (from my aunt and uncle)
* a maroon Big Dogs fleece (also from my aunt and uncle)
* a mini stuffed Big Dog wearing a wizard hat, robes and holding a wand (from Mom and Dad)
* The CoS PC game (from Mom and Dad)
* a $50 gift certificate for my salon, to get a pedicure or whatever I want (from Mom and Dad)
* my desk, which is made of a lovely blond wood and has cubbyholes and a drawer and shelves (from Mom and Dad)

My apologies to the three of you who are getting your gifts late, but hey, you get to have a bit of xmas afterwards, right?

And now, I think I'm going to go and take a nap. Mwah!
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