December 20th, 2002


Quickly now

My brother is still in the intensive care unit. If things start to get better, they'll move him out of there. He'll be in the hospital for a few more days at least.

Our DSL has died and we can't figure out why, so I may not be on at all over the weekend. If you have access to my cell number or home number, feel free to call if you'd like.

And because this week couldn't get any more screwed up, the new refrigerator can't be delivered until Sunday. We haven't had a working one for nearly 2 weeks.
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Looking better

My brother was moved out of the ICU today, and it seems likely they will let him go home tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who's commented or asked me - I appreciate you being here for me.

The DSL is working again.

I didn't get to go and get drunk tonight, but tomorrow night is a good possibility.

I get to see my baby niece tomorrow and watch her tear open presents, and seeing her always makes things better.
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