October 20th, 2002


Well, this works

You are Heidi, the Busy One! You spend most of your time running FictionAlley, being a lawyer and having cute little babies for everyone to cuddle at Nimbus-2003 ... but don't worry. You can always go smack some Parkies to let off steam. You're famous for writing The Fic That Wouldn't Get Finished, A Surfeit of Curses, which has been lying un-updated for over a year.
Which Inner Circle Member Are You?
Heidi and I certainly have things in common, but I prefer to let others have the babies - I'll just admire them and babysit occasionally, thanks.

In other news, my LJ expires in like 10 days. Am very broke because while I do have a job now, I have major bills to pay from the months of being unemployed. Meh.
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Oh, what the hell.

Considering that this is the first and most likely last quiz that I will ever appear as an answer for, here you go:
Who Do You Want To Be (But Won't Admit It)?

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You are Morrigan! You write HOT SMUT, you RPG, and you know tons of people. What little you write is made up for in how much everyone knows and loves you. You know exactly how to pull a Hermione on everyone and take them to school (har, har). You're also durendal's Smallville partner in crime. :D
*hugs Erin for making her sound cool*
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