October 13th, 2002


MORE HP dreams?!

So last night I dreamt that I was in a British hotel with Rupert Grint, Chris Rankin and Sean Biggerstaff. It wasn't anything HP-related - Chris and Sean were there to shoot a shampoo commericial and I'm not sure why Rupert was there. At one point Rupert tried to get me to whistle, and I had to tell him that I can't (which is true). Then I was trying to get an autograph from Chris when his handlers whisked him away. *pouts*

Why do I keep dreaming about HP actors?! Why??
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Appreciating of My Beta!

My beta is Nicola, and she rocks. It is all thanks to her that SitV remains on the R rather than the NC17 side on the line. I do not understand this line, which is why she exists (much to the relief of heidi8, among others, I'm sure!). I don't know if Nicola reads my LJ, but if you do, you rock and I appreciate your efforts a great deal. *hugs*

Also, thanks to the evil mind of eleveninches, I propose the following: Those of us who are going to Orlando for Nimbus 2003 next summer must simply all go to the Magic Kingdom and ride "A Small World" together, singing, "It's a Queer World after all" throughout the ride.

*attempts to look innocent*

Oh come on - you know you want to.
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