October 8th, 2002


Question for the Brits

What the heck is a knickerbocker glory? Does anyone know? Am I supposed to know? Someone please tell me - I'm picking at things as I read HPPS for the zillionth time.

I am currently finishing up my lunch hour t00bing about on LJ. The job is going well - still rather nerveracking as I have all these tests and presentations to do and SO much to learn, but I like it here and I think I'm getting it more and more each day. I'm getting to know my team members more, too, and hearing all the gossip. *laughs* There have been a few verrrry interesting stories.

New Smallville tonight - yay for lovely boy-boy luuuurve, even if they won't just come out and admit it.

What Item of Harry's Clothing Are You?

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You are Harry's Scarf! You coil around his neck like a Python and ward off the wind. You've been used to hide lovebites and to tie people to the head of a bed. Kinky.
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