September 19th, 2002


Why is Harry always wearing a red sweater at the climax?

I just watched the trailer again, twice, and I noticed that he wears red for the Chamber scenes. He was wearing red during showdown with Voldie in the first movie. So, is it a Gryffindor thing or have they just decided Daniel looks good in red?

Mom came home from the hospital today and didn't even look too bad. I really hope this surgery is IT - she's been through hell in the past year. So far, so good. She had me go run errands for her, so that was my exercise for the day.

My sister is coming up to visit with my niece tomorrow! *squees* I love my niece. She can say "duck" now. That is her first word. She knows what it is, too. If you show her a rubber ducky, she says DUCK. Don't tell me that's not a smart kid there! Allright, admit I am prejudiced. Hopefully we will drag out the digital camera and take pics of her in all her cuteness and me in my not so cuteness. Yeah.

Saw Smallville episode Nicodemus FINALLY last night thanks to the valiant efforts of tobymalfoy. <3's Toby! It was the only episode I hadn't seen and of course I missed it on rerun, too. I would have to agree - Lana-on-Nicodemus is much better than typical!Lana. She needs one of those flowers in the lapel of her jacket, I'm telling you.

In closing, I also <3 queerasjohn. You know why.

As it is now after 3 am and I have to actually get up at a reasonable hour, I'm off to bed. Mwah!
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I'm looking for someone who can do Perl scripts. This should not be a big job, and there is some chance you'll even get paid! Woohoo! Please leave a comment if you or someone you know is capable and interested. Thanks!
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