September 7th, 2002


And now...shameless plugs!

I hardly ever do this, so I figure I get to do it occasionally without getting spanked too hard.

First of all, please visit nocturne_alley. We've got the most unruffled Harry, the most snarky Snape, the most engorged enraged Draco, the most oblivious Ron, the cutest Ginny, the slimiest Lucius, the most paranoid Hufflepuffs, the wittiest Ravenclaws...I wish I could list all the characters but I'm running out of adjectives. Everyone there is brilliant and I should really take my toys and go home, I am so lame comparatively. At least my other character remains a great unknown.

I declared it some time ago, but I still firmly believe that Jason Carter would be PERFECT for Sirius. And I am not the only one who believes, for a campaign has begun!

The Jason Carter for Sirius Black Campaign Website
If you also agree that Jason is the only possibility for Sirius, the site lists who you can write with addresses and all that. It does require actual PAPER (shock, horror!), but isn't it worth the effort and a stamp?

In other news, I need to find out how long the HP Vanity Fair will be on the shelves. Even if the pics aren't quite as wonderous as last year's edition.
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