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My Weekend by Morri, age 33 and a month-ish

Went out to dinner with my best girl friend Friday night and had yummy Chinese.

Saturday I got my hair done - it's red with big chunky strawberry blonde highlights, definitely a dramatic change. It's a bit odd looking at myself in the mirror but I've gotten loads of compliments from strangers and friends. It's also much shorter - not unlike this icon, really. I'm much happier now - I feel FREE.

Saturday night I hung out with Mom and her friend, which turned out to not be as much fun as expected. It was one of those times when she seemed more like the kid and I felt more like the adult, and while a lot of the times I don't care, I really needed her to be my mom so it kinda sucked.

Watched CSI Saturday and Sunday nights. Did some unpacking and sorting and more throwing away of crap. Made dinner and cookies on Sunday.

That's about it, really. There were some things missing from the weekend and that was a bit hard, but I managed. Not much else I can do.

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