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I ordered chive dumplings at a Thai restaurant tonight. I thought they would be cream cheese with chives or something. No, afraid not. They were dumplings with nothing but chives in them! I only ate part of one but I really don't think I want to see another chive for a really, really long time.

So today I had another lovely moment of work embarassment as I came in and sat down at my desk and my chair slowly took me down to the ground. The hydraulyics finally gave out. So I had to tell my boss who had to tell the office manager who had to get me a new chair. Granted, I could hardly stay sitting a few inches off the floor as I could barely reach my keyboard, but it's still bloody embarassing. -.-

There is a new reality show called Rockstar that is starting this fall. If you haven't heard about it, the idea is that they will audition people from all over the world to find a new lead singer to replace Michael Hutchence, who passed away in what has been called a suicide, a case of erotic asphyxiation gone too far or possibly even a drug overdose. Personally, I can't stand reality TV so I have no intention of watching this show, but even hearing about it makes me go hmmmmmm...

Poll #327257 The Rockstar Poll

So what do you think of the premise for the new reality show Rockstar?

Great! Finally some new INXS music!
That's really morbid, having a contest to replace their dead lead singer. Ugh.
Did he really wank himself to death?! o_O
You know, I really don't have an opinion.
Why can't they find a new lead singer for THIS band?? (tell me who in the comments)

And now I must run off to proof the almost-ready-to-go new >:D

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