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24 July 2004 @ 11:58 pm

1) Your HP nickname: Morri or Morrigan

2) Do you write fanfiction: I used to? Umm. Someday I will write more.

3) Draw fanart: No way. I am so lacking in anything resembling artistic talent that I can't even make decent LJ icons.

4) Review much: Nope, as I hardly read fic.

5) Read too many fics: No - I usually only read something if it's related to RS or someone my friendslist posts.

6) Favorite house: Gryffindor of course.

7) Favorite Gryffindor student: Duh. Hermione! Closely followed by Harry and Ron.

8) Favorite Slytherin student: Draco, I suppose.

9) Favorite Ravenclaw student: Luna.

10) Favorite Hufflepuff student: Justin Finch-Fletchley.

11) Favorite teacher: McGonagall and Lupin.

12) Favorite overall character: Hermione.

13) Favorite adult: Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.

14) Canon/fanon Draco: Canon!

15) Canon/fanon Snape: Canon.

16) Voldemort or Dumbledore: Dumbledore.

17) Cho, annoying or not: Annoying, overall.


18) Your OTP: Ron/Hermione and Ron/Harry. I could explain but it's more fun if you try to figure it out. ;)

19) Other ships you sail: None, really.

20) Intriguing ships: No idea how to answer this.

21) Disliked ships:
22) Hated ships: For both 21 and 22 I will state my hatred for any pairings involving those who are not students. I'm just not interested in the adults. I don't care if that makes me sound like a perv.

23) Het, slash or femmeslash: Any is good.

24) H/Hr or R/Hr: R/Hr.

25) D/Hr or D/G: Neither.

26) H/D or H/SS: H/D - I don't consider it a ship any longer, but I still like the idea in general. And I don't like Snape.

27) Older gen, younger gen or cross-gen: Younger gen. The other two make me go EEYEEEWWWW.


28) Canon or AU: Canon.

29) Fluff or angst: Both?

30) Darkfic: Eh.

31) OOC or IC: IC

32) SuddenlyVeryPowerful!Harry: Wha?

33) One-shot or chaptered: One-shot usually.

34) Novel-length: Usually not.

35) Gen, het or slash: Anything goes.

36) Drabbles: See above.

37) SuddenlyVerySexy!Draco: Guh?

38) Fanfiction Pet Peeves: Fics with bad spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

39) Canon or Fanon: Eh?

40) Many ships in one fic: Why not?


59) Cried for Cedric: No.

60) Cried for Sirius: No.

61) Dark or Light Side: Light.

62) Did the explanation of the prophecy satisfy you: Not entirely, no.

63) Which character needs some more development: All do.


64) Favorite artist(s): seviet and bhanesidhe

65) Favorite drawing style: I wouldn't know what this means.

66) Love fanart of: Ron and Hermione and Harry.

67) Fanart Pet Peeves: No idea?

68) Stick art: ?

69) Shiny: ?

70) Anime/Manga style: I know nothing about this.

71) Realism: ?

72) Cartoon: ...

73) Gen or shipped: Okay.


74) Blaise's gender: We know he's a boy now.

75) Tom Riddle's eye colour: This is important why?

76) Luna fan: I like her. I think she's going to snap out of her weirdness eventually.

77) OCs, done or not done: *shrugs*

78) Liking Weasley ships with 'Flame' or 'Fire' in the name: I know of only one ship name in the whole fandom, so I don't care.

79) Weasley love: Hell yeah!

80) Malfoy love: I don't think so.

81) Potter love: Sure.

82) Is Lucius really 49: He could be.

83) Brilliant ship name (Don't need to ship it, though!): See above answers.

84) Plain stupid ship name: See above as well.

85) Voldemort. Bald. Yes or no: I'd expect so.

86) The power He-Knows-Not and the power that saved Harry is: We don't know yet.

87) Your view on Hufflepuff-ies: I don't really have one.

88) Should Ron say 'Bloody Brilliant' more then once? Why not?

89) Hermione. Pretty. Am I right?: I think she is, but she is too busy and disinterested to pay much attention to her looks.

90) Best HP fanfic ever: Oh please.

91) Rec the 2nd best, too: Still no.

92) Did HP change your life dramatically: It really did.

93) Marauders. Like or dislike: Not dislike, just not interested.

94) Prongs, Moony, Padfoot or Wormtail: Makes no difference.

95) Could Lily have been an animagus too: It's certainly possible, but unlikely in my opinion.

96) What animal Lily would've been: Not a clue.

97) Did Harry pass his Potions' OWLs: I hope so.

98) Did Ron: See above.

99) Is Harry going to die or will he survive: He's going to die. I hope I'm wrong, but...

100) What gives you the most warm fuzzies in your stomach in the whole HP-verse: The Trio!

Bonus question: 101) Did you like this survey: Eh.

Things actually went really well today, shocking as that is. The zoo was quite fun - they had electric carts for rent so I was able to go. We saw the dolphin show first, which Lauren was just amazed at - I had as much fun watching her reactions to the dolphins as watching the dolphins myself. Then we saw the bears - there is a polar bear cub and he was very cute. Then we went to both children's zoos within the zoo and Lauren got to pet a goat and a guinea pig. I bought everyone Dippin' Dots and then we saw the tigers and lions on the way out. I also got a couple of silly things for zorac and a cute stuffed otter for myself.

So, all in all a good day, and I am tired, so off to bed I go.
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Bitchpants McCrabbyeibbil_libbie on July 26th, 2004 03:47 pm (UTC)
12. Never would have guessed that one. ;)

76. I totally agree there.

As for your inherent R/Hness...your new shirt is almost finished. :D
Vickihermorrine on July 26th, 2004 06:59 pm (UTC)
*snickers* I don't believe you since you have no idea what size to make it! :P
Bitchpants McCrabbyeibbil_libbie on July 26th, 2004 07:13 pm (UTC)
Maybe I've made several? *wink*