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This is a notice that I have not read LJ since last Friday and don't know when I'll be able to do so. I'm kind of taking a break, although not on purpose - just too busy. I will try to read if I can find the time, but if anything important has happened or there's anything I need to know, please respond to this post or email me.

Miami was really cool. heidi8 was kind enough to pick me up at the airport and we went to have a cold drink at Barnes and Noble. It was cool to see her again, talk about all sorts of HP and fandom things and make silly faces at Jon, who is adorable and very smart. Thanks again, Heidi!

I then spent the rest of my time there with my mom. Her apartment is nice and we went to the pool, went to 3 different malls (considering that I haven't been to a mall here in a couple of years, 3 malls in the space of 2 days was a bit much), drove out by the ocean, had yummy BBQ at a famous place called Shorty's and had really good key lime pie from the Key Lime Pie Factory. I got a bit sunburned riding around in Mom's new convertible, however.

The flights were... something. Due to screwups on their parts, I missed both my flight to Miami and the one back to Chicago, so I was bumped to first class on the next flight out to both and given a $100 voucher for future flights for each time. American Airlines are definitely good to their passengers, but the annoyances that caused them to be so very, very nice to me were such that I hope to not have to fly again until I go to see zorac after the surgery.

I've been exhausted for the last 3 days straight, so I think I'm going to bed now.

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