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That 'Your turn' thing.

I've been busy at work all day and wasn't able to read LJ until I came home. And what do I find all over my friends page? Nasty statements, the inability to comment and ask "WTF?" and all with the subject line "Your turn." Well, you all suck.

These were the "instructions" from the person who started this thing (I won't say who it was - that person can out themselves if they wish):

Let's start a cryptic post meme!

The rules:

Post must be public.
Post must have the subject: Your turn.
Post must be one-line only (and CRYPTIC).
Post must have comments off.

Now, in and of itself, this might not be so bad, except the majority of the people I saw do this apparently took "cryptic" to mean "nasty" or "rude." Certainly it isn't the fault of the person who started it; perhaps they didn't mean it to turn out this way. But here we are.

So out of my annoyance at the general negativity on my friends list, I would like to see something positive happen. If you want to do a meme, do this:

The rules:

Post must be public.
Post must have the subject: SOME LOVE!
Post can be as long as you want, open and honest.
Post should be about someone in your life who you think is wonderful.
Post can have comments on or off, depending on how bashful you feel about telling someone that they're wonderful.

Off you go, then! Spread SOME LOVE! >:D<

I realize I am negative at times too, but sheesh. Mass negativity BAD.

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