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25 June 2004 @ 11:49 pm
Is there anyone left on earth who still needs a gmail invite?  
I have 5 invites to give. It would be nice if you wanted to write me a fic or do my layout or something, but all offers will be seriously considered.

Jack Ryan gives it up. Not a huge surprise, and now it may be easier for Obama, but I still find the fact that a sex scandal can happen in this day and age annoyingly Puritanical. *sigh*

I have never seen Graham Norton before. He now has a show on Comedy Central that he's doing in New York, although I'm uncertain how long it's been on. He's... not American, that's for damn sure. o_O Not in a bad way, but see the above paragraph about the sex scandal for an example on the continuing trend of Puritanism in America. However, I am highly amused. They bought a real doll, begged a slutty outfit off an audience member and then took the doll to a bar and sat her there with a drink in her hand and sunglasses on. They also put mics on her and of course a camera out of the way. Sandra Bernhard was on the show, so the first time a guy sits near the doll, Sandra says: Hey...hey baby. Come a little closer... -the guy does- Do me a favor, okay? Go to the women's bathroom, go in one of the stalls and take off your pants. I'll be right behind you in a minute. And the guy GETS UP AND LEAVES!!! *DIES* And now he's just had a contest involving recordings of audience members making the same noises they make when having sex... I think I may need therapy...
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Deiter, of the German Popefuckers.: shoes (mercuryxxrising)alkaloid on June 26th, 2004 11:12 pm (UTC)
RE: LJ layout
It would be nice if you wanted to write me a fic or do my layout or something,

d00d. I only got my computer back 2 days ago.

But anyway, I really haven't seen any trio pics that jumped out at me. Maybe fan art would be the way to go...seviet has this site, http://www.artdungeon.net, and this picture seemed pretty cute. Anyway, there's lots of stuff to look at over there.

She lets people use her stuff. :) I would just need to ask if she lets people use type directly on her images (she lets people crop for icons, so I'm GUESSING it's okay).
Vicki: Hermione by Marta!hermorrine on June 26th, 2004 11:48 pm (UTC)
Re: LJ layout
I did not want to pressure you! So I figured I'd see if anyone else wanted to do it. If you are still willing, that would be awesome. *hugs*

I know Marta, so if I decide to go with one of her pics I can ask. Will let you know!