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Dear Life -

Am really tired of all this non-stop stress crap. Please let my brother find a new job SOON so that he can afford to pay the rent.

Just... gah,

In other news, zorac is back home again. Wah. I miss him muchly. We had a wonderful 3 days but it's always over too quickly. He left me in the hotel room to take the free shuttle to the airport so I could sleep for another 1 1/2 hours and told me to dream about him. Oddly enough, I did - but it's still better to have him next to me in the bed.

PoA was excellent!! Could I complain about how some things were done? Absolutely, but overall I really loved it. Will have to go see it again soon. Shrek 2 was also wonderful. Good movies with amazing boyfriend, yay!

Am on skip=48231753 or something, so maybe I'll catch up eventually, but I'm completely friggin' exhausted so I'm going to bed now to snuggle up to the pillows Mark slept on because I'm just that big a dork.

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