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And the praise goes to...

First of all, I have to say that eibbil_libbie is a most wonderful friend. I have known this for some time now, but she has been especially amazing lately and I just had to tell everyone! I really can't express how lucky I am to have her in my life or how thankful I am, but I am really hoping to buy her a drink or two at The Witching Hour next year (we'll discuss the t-shirt closer to the event, Oh Ebil One :P). <3333333333

Secondly, I am also extremely pleased with the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and I need to tell you why. I had ordered a bear for my mom for Mother's Day and I had it sent to her job, because you know how cool it is to get any sort of special gift or flowers at work. Well, although this package was signed for at the dock at her hospital they couldn't find it. They searched high and low, and both my mom and I were getting very upset. I called UPS, but they disclaimed all responsibility. I then called the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and explained the situation. The rep I spoke to put me on hold to talk to a supervisor, then came back and told me they would resend my order at NO CHARGE to a different address because it wasn't MY fault that UPS didn't deliver it to her office, as I had expected. How wonderful is that?! So the next time you need to send a gift or are thinking of sending flowers, send a Vermont Teddy Bear instead - they won't die like flowers and if anything ever goes wrong with the bear, they will replace it - all their bears have lifetime guarantees. Yes, I sound like a sales ad, but these are great bears and an awesome company!

I am just full of love for everything today. Enjoy it while it lasts. ;)

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