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If anyone noticed that I haven't posted for a week, it's because last week was really craptastic. About 90% of that was work-related craposity and the other 10% general malaise, but the result was a very irritable and easily annoyed Morri. So between that and not having much to say in general, no posts.

The weekend has been pretty nice, though. My mom came into town for a couple of days before heading off to my company's conference in California (her new job has her working with my company's products - it's very weird in a way), so we met up and went down to visit my sister and the kids. We met them at the mall where they have a carousel in the center court - my mom took Lauren on it twice and I took her on it once. There also lots of holding and playing with the twins. My sister gave me a large framed picture that Lauren did - she stepped in paint, stepped on the paper, and then drew leaves around her footprints (they are supposed to be the flowers). It's just so darned adorable I can barely handle it - I need to have my dad or brother hang it for me. Mom bought me and my sister and herself a bunch of candles at Yankee Candle - yum! I burned the grapefruit for a bit earlier and now I have the chocolate chip cookie burning - yum! We eventually took them to dinner, which was certainly an experience, although I technically had Lauren Duty and she's pretty easy compared to feeding a squirmy 8-month-old. After dinner we took a bunch of pics (I'll post some once Mom emails them to me) and then Audrey threw up on my leg as I was holding her. A visit to my sister's just isn't complete unless a baby has thrown up on me. Lauren didn't want me to leave, which just made my heart melt. As she walked away she kept turning around to wave to me.

I also spent a few hours on JKR's new site. It's really wonderful, and all the little details are so excellent - the phone ringing, the other sounds, the watch showing your time, and the fact that things change when you're there at night as opposed to the day. I found that out because I first went there last night after I got home - the "Do Not Disturb" door area makes it most noticeable - and then checked again today. If you haven't been to the site in both nighttime and daytime, I encourage you to check it out - I'm really impressed. This is not to say that the new canon hasn't impressed me, but to my mind, all that she's told us are things that aren't terribly critical (which is completely understandable), so I'm feeling Hey, that's interesting rather than OMG!!!!1!! about it. But overall I'm really pleased and hope that she updates on a regular basis, as appears to be her plan. zorac jokingly asked me what I thought the chances were of getting a Fan Site Award from JKR. I laughed uproariously and said a snowball's chance in hell, to which he replied that I was being too optimistic. But really, it would be excellent to see The Leaky Cauldron, the Lexicon or Fiction Alley on JKR's page.
P.S. to zorac - I found more stuff, will tell you later if you don't find them! <3

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