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Everyone have a great weekend!!!

Less than an hour til I can go to the airport to get zorac!!! YAY!!!1!!!! We have lots of fun things planned for the weekend, can't wait! And an extra night too! W00t!

Happy birthday dezzikitty!!! Continue to have a wonderful time with jiggery_pokery! >:D<

And now, I leave you with the review I just got for The-Fic-That-Will-Probably-Never-Be-Finished (i.e. Sex in the Village on Riddikulus at Fiction Alley):

Great story!!! Although it was kinda weird !!! I mean Harry , GAY ?!?! Not believing it!!!

Sigh. I started this story over 2 years ago now, and I still get feedback like this. IF YOU DON'T LIKE SLASH, DON'T READ IT.

Thank you and goodnight! *bows*

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