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I am a t00b. No, really!

I have done the following in the past few days:

  • Made plans and reservations for 2 hotels and 1 Super Sekrit for when zorac is here in 10 days!!!1!! (not that either of us is counting or anything, of course)
  • Did my taxes - I'm getting back a whopping $70 total from fed and state, which while not much, is still a hell of a lot better than having to pay.
  • Thought I'd made a huge error in my checkbook, panicked, and then looked again, only to realize I'd counted something that had already been paid *smacks self* Still, very poor til payday next week.
  • Finished Syberia II - it was excellent, just like the first. Am going to foist them off on zorac next, as he has gotten me into Monkey Island. I'll be starting on #2 in that series next.
  • Got new clothes - very necessary. Nothing too exciting - another pair of jeans, a bunch of t-shirts, and pink capri pajamas. *looks shifty* Don't ask.

  • Right. Bed.

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