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The British are coming!!!!

As I was driving in this morning, I heard an interview with British actor Paul Bettany - he's been in Master and Commander, A Beautiful Mind, and is best known to me for playing Geoffrey Chaucer in A Knight's Tale. He has a new movie with Nicole Kidman coming out called Dogville which is why he was on. However, the interview was absolutely hysterical, especially at the end. Please keep in mind that there had been much teasing and joking before this part of the conversation. You also need to know that Paul is married to American actress Jennifer Connolly.

Male Radio Host: Now how did you end up with her?? (implying that Jennifer is way hot)
Paul: It's my charming wit! (which I can't argue with myself)

Somehow this led into the following:
Paul: You lot celebrate the 4th of July, but it's not over yet! We Brits have a new plan! We're taking your women and breeding you out!

Me in my car: *laughs hysterically*

Perhaps zorac, malachan and jiggery_pokery have ulterior motives, hmmm girls? ;)

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