Vicki (hermorrine) wrote,

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In case you're wondering what I hate...

This and this sum it up quite nicely.

To anyone who thinks that spouting nastiness about other people is "fun" or "just a joke," GROW THE FUCK UP. If you think that's funny, then obviously you haven't had any true hardships in your life and are likely a spoiled brat acting like you're still 15, because this is the sort of shit teenagers (apologies to the unusually mature teenagers on my friends list) do. Repeat after me: HURTING OTHER PEOPLE IS WRONG. MAKING FUN OF OTHER PEOPLE IS WRONG. REVEALING PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION IS WRONG. If you don't like someone, DON'T READ THEIR DAMNED JOURNAL. You're allowed to have an opinion of someone else, positive or negative, but that does NOT give you the right to treat anyone this way. PERIOD.

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