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A cool poll, games, the weekend

First of all, you should really head over to ari_o's journal and vote on her sex toy poll - fun stuff!

I started feeling the urge to play a computer game again a few weeks ago. I generally play one a year - for a while it was one of the Gabriel Knight games, but a new one hasn't come out since 99. Then I was playing the HP games, but this year they released the Quidditch World Cup, and frankly Quidditch was the part of HPSS and CoS that I sucked at the most. So I went looking for some other games to play, and I found one that I totally loved. It's called Syberia and is a great story about a New York lawyer who goes on what should be a simple trip to have papers signed only to take a very unexpected journey on which she learns a lot about herself. The puzzles are interesting and the story is intriguing, and luckily, Syberia II is coming out in a couple of weeks. My icon is Youki, a half-dog, half seal who is in Syberia II - isn't he cute? I can't wait for the new game. I'm also going to order The Longest Journey which I've also heard good things about - basically anything with a good story that doesn't require a lot of shooting and killing is my sort of game.

The weekend was pretty nice - I went down to visit my sister and the kids. The twins have gotten so big! They're both adorable, although Corben is much more smiley and happy than Audrey. Audrey will smile, but she's definitely the more moody of the two. Corben's also significantly bigger than Audrey, which is interesting - she was the bigger one when they were born! Audrey took great joy is spitting up on me about 4 times on Saturday - ah well, it's all part of holding babies. I got to help feed them as well - on Saturday they had mashed sweet potatoes and rice cereal and on Sunday they had mashed avocado and rice cereal. Lauren is cuter than ever - we went outside on Saturday when it was nice and blew bubbles which she chased all over the yard. She was also obsessed with the cake that she and my sister had made for my brother's birthday and couldn't wait to have some that night, which was really cute. Another cute thing was when we were leaving, Lauren refused to give us hugs and kisses goodbye until my sister bribed her with a cookie - once the offer was made Lauren immediately offered hugs and kisses. LOL Kids are not stupid.

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