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Just call me Kevvie....Oh Kevvie!!

thezeppo and I discuss the recent revelation that I have a fandom reputation for being brutally honest and therefore am scary to many people.

Me: I really didn't mind. There are worse things to be known for, and at least it's true.
Me: I honestly didn't think I was even known by enough people to have a rep. Who the fuck am I?
Abaddon: You're very important!
Me: Oh come ON. I barely write, I'm not an artist... please.
Abaddon: You know anyone who's anyone.
Abaddon: You' fandom glue.
Me: *laughs*
Me: Maybe I'm the Kevin Bacon of the fandom.
Me: *rolls*
Abaddon: Yes!
Me: I do nothing important and yet you can connect me within 6 steps to anyone who IS important.
Me: *dies*
Abaddon: See! You are therefore important.
Abaddon: Without you, how would we all contact one another?
Abaddon: The fandom would be all, "O_o where is Morri?"

Yes...where indeed.

Bonus points to anyone who gets the "Oh Kevvie!" reference. *grin*

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