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If you look up patience in the dictionary, you will not find my photo.

This week has gone ridiculously slowly, and it's STILL not Friday. This is very annoying. And of course tomorrow, being Friday, will go by at a snail's pace. Time is such a fickle thing.

Today I got both a new phone and a new computer at work. I knew I was going to get a new phone - for some reason when people call me they hear a hum on the line and no one can figure out why. Changing the phone has had no effect. It's probably just that metal plate in my head, haha. -.- I had no idea about the new computer until the IT guy came and told me. Apparently it's their policy to change out the computers after a certain amount of time. Who knew? So now I have a shiny new black Dell with a 37 gig hard drive. Currently I'm using about 4 gigs of that. I don't know why I needed a bigger hard drive - I'll never use even half of that. I'm not complaining, it was just very unexpected - not to mention it ate up quite a bit of my day, what with having to reconfigure everything. That part was annoying. -.-

So tonight I have to run right to the salon and get my hair done, then go home and quickly have dinner and then shower and pack and maybe get some sleep. Because I am very excited to see zorac tomorrow and right before he arrives I generally can't eat or sleep. I just want it to be tomorrow evening already!

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