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Get your ramblings here!

  • The new PoA trailer is veddy cool.
  • Does anyone have a good close-up photo of Janet's bare breast with the nipple shield/piercing/whatever-the-hell-it-is showing clearly? I am fascinated and I WANT TO SEE BOOBIE WANT TO KNOW WHAT THAT IS.
  • I will be SO FUCKING HAPPY when all this snow and cold crap stops. Horrible commute home in the snow tonight, even worse commute in the morning, I've no doubt. -.-!
  • If you need a new facial scrub, I highly recommend Totally Juicy's Limon Face Slougher, which is a horrible sounding name but works really well and as an added bonus smells just like Baskin Robbins Daquiri Ice. They even warn you on the package not to eat it - it's a valid warning, I promise you.
  • I have finished my Valentine's/Anniversary shopping. The only bad thing is that all items may not arrive in time, but we will manage. :>
  • Have you ever tried to use a condom and found that it was either too big or too little? Not anymore. You can now order custom-fit condoms, and I have to say it sounds like a fine idea. Head over to this site and print out a handy-dandy ruler. Be sure to measure a couple of times to get the most accurate reading (and if you're in a relationship, have your partner, ahem, assist in getting things ready). Then you use the measurements you get to order your very own They-Fit condoms! I would be interested to know about anyone who orders them, but I will understand perfectly if you don't want to share your results. :D
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