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Today I actually had a good day. Surely you realize how rare that is as of late. I imagine that tomorrow a huge comet will smack into the earth and anniliate everyone - I apologize in advance as doing so afterwards would, of course, be impossible.

So what made today good?
  • Figured out that going a different route to work may not make sense in pure distance, but the traffic is lighter so it WORKS, OH YES
  • Having enough time that I could stop for a large amount of caffiene at Starbucks before work
  • Work being busy as hell but mostly questions on things I COULD ACTUALLY ANSWER
  • Making that client who is a Real Arsehole happy, a nearly impossible task
  • Crepes for dinner and dessert - VERY nummy
  • Interesting shows on the Discovery Channel about Mount Vesuvius (yes, I find this sort of thing interesting)
  • Being able to sleep in tomorrow <333 sleep!

  • It also snowed today (SNOW SUX0RS) and it was like 0F/-16C or something it is warmer but there was snow. What a tradeoff that is. But beyond that, it was good.

    Sleepy now - bedtime.

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