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I have been trying to post this since last night! >:0!!

What a mindfuck. I suppose I've read other books with similar ideas, but somehow these seem more shocking. The reason I think they are more scary and less for children than HP is that I think in some respects - especially in the first two books - things are far more realistic in HDM than in HP. Children are kidnapped, tortured, threatened, harmed, and while these things happen in HP, they're generally done with magic (the Dursleys notwithstanding). I just think that would be much more frightening to kids.

That being said, I found them very interesting. They were certainly captivating - I finished all three in just a few days. And I read quickly, but still - I didn't want to put them down. But wow, there's some major hatred of religion going on. I am not a religious person, but I don't hate religion or religious people, so I think Pullman must've had some bad experiences. Bizarre that he channeled this into some books supposedly for children. I think in some respects what they most of are Madeline L'Engle's books - sort of sci-fi and fantasy and children and god all wrapped up in an interesting tale.

eleveninches and weatherby asked me earlier what Dust was. I was like, hell if I know - romantic love? Sexual maturity? Self-awareness? I don't know if Pullman knows. As I said - mindfuck. *reads Cosmo to make brain get loose again*

The cable has finally been hooked up to my TV, so I can watch all manner of crap whenever I want without dealing with Dad. This is excellent.

Even more excellent, when my mom redid my taxes and added in the interest paid on my student loans, we found that I will be getting back $36 rather than paying the IRS over $400. It's not much, but it's WAY better than having to try and figure out where I was going to get nearly $500. \:D/

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