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24 December 2003 @ 05:31 pm
This is what happens when I am visible on YM.  

Crazy Man: HELLO
Me: Hello
CM: WHOS THE MAN WITH YOU in the pc? - He's referring to the pic on my Yahoo profile, which I changed in the hope that random freaks would stop hitting on me. You can see how well that worked.
Me: My boyfriend, why?
CM: do you like them?
Me: Like what?
CM: ur bf
Me: Of course I do. Why would I be with him if I didn't?
CM: ok
CM: very good
Me: Why did you want to know?
CM: because you are beautiful
Me: Thank you. You're very kind.
CM: & you too
CM: can i request you
CM: ?,
Me: What did you want to request?
CM: i need a gf
Me: And....?
CM: you know
Me: No, I don't know, or I would not ask.
CM: ok
CM: gf & good life
Me: Okay - and how am I supposed to help you with that?
CM: ok
CM: o need to travel to usa
Me: What?
CM: i need visa to usa
Me: Again, what does this have to do with me?
CM: can you help me ?
Me: How would I be able to help you?
CM: by evry thigs
CM: & so i never forget you
CM: please
Me: I really don't understand what you're asking.
CM: do you axcept to be my wife
CM: ?
Me: I really do not think my boyfriend would like that very much.
CM: ask him
Me: Umm, no.
Me: Plus, you can't just marry someone to get into this country. They're very strict about that.
CM: are you sexy?
Me: What has that got to do with it?
CM: yah you exploit him sexualy - Mark, do I exploit you sexually? Perhaps we should discuss this... *smirk*
Me: Excuse me?
CM: he is not nice as much as you
Me: He is very very nice, and you do not know him or me, so how can you say?
CM: ok good life withyour bf
Me: Thank you.
CM: waths about me ,
Me: What?
CM: you'll help me ?,
Me: How?
CM: i need a work
Me: Well you can't come to this country.
CM: iam looking for work

I think you get the picture. I eventually blocked him. -.-
They did not let us leave work early, WOE I AM SO BORED.
I feel: cynicalcynical
That's what she said.: ...altricial on December 25th, 2003 10:05 am (UTC)