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As per usual, I have more things to say than I have time to say them in.

First - unimpressed, sincelastjuly, unimpressed! The item I was going to order for my uncle for Xmas from Lillian Vernon is out of stock! >:0!!! Yes, I know it's my own damn fault for leaving my shopping so late, but you have NO idea how bloody difficult my uncle is to buy for - I HAVE been looking. He's one of those men who have everything and the money to buy whatever they don't yet have, and I am a sad, broke niece who has run out of ideas. -.-

Second, I have received more cards! You guys are so awesome. >:D< Thanks to praetorianguard, nmalfoy, jiggery_pokery, sophie10, sincelastjuly and tocomfortyou - you're all lovely and getting nice things in the mail always cheers me up.

I should also mention that I received a package of an interesting shape from one zorac, but I cannot open it until Xmas. *pouts* Patience? What is this patience of which you speak? *wants it to be 30th December already* Of course, in addition to the gift of zorac himself, there will be other gifts for us both to open, so that is very yay! Plus there will be visiting: with eleveninches and her sister, with zorac's parental units, and with malachan and muffinbutt! Much to look forward to, yes.

The Mormons 2 doors down dropped off fudge and cookies with my dad today. How do I know they're Mormons? They put a nice little card inside the tin. I suppose it would be bad form to put a card that said "Confirmed Agnostic and Proud" inside the box of chocolates I'm getting for them? Decisions, decisions.

Allright, is late again and I must go to bed. Perchance I will dream of zorac again - though preferably without the spiders and being stuck out in the cold...

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6 kitsune13s a-squeaking.
5 red littletorts.
4 yodeling malachans.
3 Israeli muffinbutts.
2 weasel tobymalfoys.
And a zorac in a apricot tree.
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