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Today - mostly okay

Had hair colored yesterday - it is now very red and pretty.

Got up today at 11 and went to meet people for lunch. We had good discussions and it was nice to see people.

Came home and talked to zorac for a while. I don't know if it shows our level of comfort or the fact that I'm just really tired, but I am fantasizing about falling asleep in his lap.

I have gotten gifts for my mom, my aunt and my psuedo-cousin, one of Mark's gifts is on order and another has arrived. Also, many thanks to my special helper - Mark has received his birthday present. Now he just has to stare at it for a week before he can open it. *ebil laugh*

Saw endocrinologist on Thursday and dentist on Friday. Endo changed my meds completely, something I am VERY happy about, and now I get to take less insulin!!! Yay for fewer shots! Also, dentist was very pleased with my teeth and I don't have to have another cleaning for 6 months. Yay again!

Talked to boss about work issues and am feeling calmer about it, although I have to go in early tomorrow because a training session I was scheduled for is at 9, and I really should take it. Bleh - going to bed momentarily.

I currently have diaper ointment on my left foot with a plastic bag over it and then a sock. Before you think I've lost it entirely, it was suggested by my podiatrist to treat my overly-dry feets. Very weird, but then I thought you'd all like that.

Lastly, I have started to get cards! Thank you to lissannej, katrionaa, expetesso, frayer and constantine - they were all lovely. <3

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