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You know it!

Why do I even bother taking these tests? Hermione and Ravenclaw. Yep - no doubt about it.

Did all sorts of grocery shopping today. Such fun. I made my brother go with me, during which, the following conversation ensued:

Me: We need to get pasta...
Bro: Let's get the (says some Italian name for that wagon wheel-shaped pasta), it's much better and I saw them making it on such and such show on Food TV...
Me: Erm. Is there something you need to tell me?
Bro: Huh, what?
Me: Are you GAY?!
Bro: *laughs* You know I'm not...why??
Me: You have talked about NOTHING but the fucking food network since we've both moved home. Next you'll be telling me that you watch home decorating shows...
Bro: Well, I watch Changing Rooms on BBCAmerica. But that's cause the chicks on the show are HOT.
Me: *facepalms*

I also bought glitter silly putty. Why? Because I'm going to take it to work and play with it to ease the stress. Well, it might help... I need to get a nice, squishy stressball.

Also, thanks to heidi8 and owlman for their help with a recent issue that's now been resolved. :)

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