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On the state of my life

I'm afraid that I've made a bunch of cuts to my friends list again, and there may be more to come. I'm very sorry to have to do this, but I really won't have much time to read LJ in the future.

I was told yesterday that I will be taking on a new role at work over the next month or so - I will be the person who handles the bulletin board system for a particular software product. This means that I alone will have to answer the questions that clients post there. For this particular product it is a very daunting and more-than-fulltime job - it's a complex product that is heavily based on content and data (meaning that is the method of support I will need to provide, rather than technical support). Ultimately, I will have to become the expert on this tool. Considering that until this point I have considered my knowledge of this product weak at best, I'm more than a bit stressed and apprehensive.

This change is happening because the person on our team who has been handling this bulletin board has been hired into another department, and I was chosen to do this because I have "excellent writing skills." As I told zorac last night, it's enough to make me want to start writing only in plebe.

Luckily I have about a month and a half to learn as much as I can, and there will always be resources for me to turn to, but in many ways I'm going to be on my own. With this stress on top of everything else that's happening for me personally, my LJ involvement is going to decrease even further. In addition to cutting my friends list, I'd like to apologize in advance for the fact that I may be skimming those still on my list, not responding to posts as often, and also not responding to comments left for me as often.

I hope you all know that you mean a lot to me and I hope you understand that even if I'm not around as much, I still care.

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