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26 November 2003 @ 11:47 am
Look - we're 1 YEAR OLD today!!!  
It's Restricted Section.org's first birthday today!

Here are a few statistics for those of you who might be curious:
We have...
  • 37636 registered users
  • 1678 stories and chapters on the site
  • 1046 members on the Howlers list
  • 1827 users on the Review Boards, who have posted about 2800 reviews so far

  • Thank you to all of my wonderful mods - ebbil_libbie, lissannej, tobymalfoy, hautemonde, eleveninches, resmiranda, sincelastjuly, sheselectric, athene_51, zorac and a few others without LJs. This wouldn't have happened without all of you, and I appreciate everything you do and continue to do.

    Thanks also to all of our authors, readers and reviewers - we'd have no reason for this site if not for you.

    I feel: jubilantjubilant
    Never Trust A Skinny Chef: ^__^malacite on November 26th, 2003 05:50 pm (UTC)

    And hey, I think I might be old enough to soon join the site! Oh the joys of getting older!