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I have an international calling card burning a hole in my pocket - and it's happy to see you!

*pokes altricial, tobymalfoy, titanic_days and queerasjohn in particular* You want a phone call?? Hmmmmm? Leave comment/email me your #/find me on a messenger. I want to talk to people!! I don't know why.

Got through another week on the new job. I still am rather nervous about it - apparently more than one person has not made it through the training period and been able to stay. This is the probationary period, after all. And THAT was when the training period was 3 months, mind you - they are doing it "accelerated" with me, so that I will be done in about 6 weeks! They're very understaffed, so I understand that, but I'm a bit freaked out that I won't make it. But all I can really do is keep working and hoping I get more. My weekly "test" today didn't go horribly but didn't go great, either. But they've told me that if they are disappointed they'll tell me. So....

The DIEt this week wasn't completely horrible, but I need to find a caffiene source without any sweeteners. That is my big downfall. I NEED caffiene, and I don't do the fake sweeteners. I really need to get some tea for iced tea at work... must look into that. Or see if I can find that water that has a caffiene infusion. Unless any of you know of other ideas?

It got suddenly very chilly today and I was like, woah, this is January in San Diego temperature! I need a jacket. I'm such a wimp now - expect MAJOR whinging when snow and below-zero temps hit. -.-

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