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29 October 2003 @ 10:14 pm
I've got a "Hogwarts headache" all right...  
Today sucked. Have an HP-related link.

And then I made the mistake of clicking on someone's link and ended up reading some fandom wank. Big, huge, nasty mistake.

You see, I really don't understand why people find fandom wank enjoyable. Someone please explain to me why hurting other people or making fun of their problems has become a form of entertainment? People I consider friends, people I thought of as geniunely caring, wonderful individuals, go over there and laugh and mock and point and call names and make fun of whatever and whomever with no shame whatsoever. It's making me think I don't know them at all.

Maybe I'm naive. Maybe I need to get over myself and learn that being crass and rude and saying nasty things about others is where the real fun is at, and I'm crazy for trying to be nice for the most part and thinking the best of people.

And the saddest thing of all? This post about my disgust with fandom wank and disappointment in the people involved with it will likely end up ON fandom wank - this time with me being made fun of and called names. Well, I hate to break it to all of you wankers, but there is nothing could you possibly say about me that would be more painful than the things that have already been said - so go for it if that's what gets you off. -.-
I feel: disappointeddisappointed
Scribere Qui Cupiunt Sensum Deus Augeat Illisthegraybook on October 30th, 2003 10:26 am (UTC)
Right. And a lot of wank is generated by people playing to fandom_wank in the first place, trying to get wanked for the attention, or the validation, or the hope that fandom_wank will "take their side" (which is sort of like hoping a rabid hyena takes your side - it might bite someone else first, but it'll get around to you eventually) - which sort of renders moot much of the point of fandom_wank, which seems to feel it exists to put a check on that kind of behavior.

I can't get behind the "it's about not taking things too seriously" argument either, as I have never in my entire life seen anyone take fandom as seriously as the denizens of fandom_wank.

In the end, it's about watching people be mean to people you think deserve it and about a space where you can make judgements about situations you don't know involving people you don't know doing things you think they might have done but can't be exactly sure since there's no proof but who cares anyway. Few on fandom_wank seem to be able to remember who did what, what points go with which argument, or what the actual facts were in any given situation, so they are not much good as a debate forum either.

I remember someone once posting there that people should quit trying to bring up actual facts because "We are not interested in what's true, just what's mean or funny." Which means I can't really get enjoyment out of any of the wanks, even the ones about other fandoms and total strangers, because I just assume it's all lies and personal axes being ground anyway, and that's fairly boring.

I do not like reality TV, and I don't like fandom_wank for many of the same reasons. If it floats your boat, fine. Like Josh, I won't load any f_w webpage, no matter what the topic, and am happier for it.