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Pondering ironical continued...

Thanks for all your responses - I feel a bit better now. However, the reason for my question: there is a Chrysler commercial that uses Celine Dion's song Love Is All We Need that I've been seeing over and over and over, and the lyrics that you can hear are:

I don't understand the concept of
The power of one is stronger
Why don't people seem to care at all
As long as it's not about them
I say
I guess we've underestimated love
Or why would we hurt each other
Don't you find that ironical
When love is all we need
Oh yeah

It's like nails on a chalkboard every time I hear her sing the word IRONICAL. Please, someone put her out of my misery, and while you're at it, boycott Chrysler for subjecting us all to this stupidity. I don't care if it's in the dictionary - ironical is not a word!!!

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