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And now, she attempts the world's quickest update...

Not quite so tired right now, but was still falling asleep in the morning as I was trying to learn things. Obviously, this is not good. Gah. Still, will be going to bed shortly. Even though the person I really really want to talk to probably won't be on for at least another hour...I just can't stay up. *sighs*

I have not laughed so hard in a loooong time. I admit, the story itself wasn't that great, but wow, it was amusing. Perhaps the fact that I have to watch Smallville every week with MY FATHER made this week's episode all that much more hilarious. Ooooh, the trials of being young, male, and hitting puberty with literal explosions.
Can I just say, THANK EVERYTHING that the marriage ended so quickly?!
And was I the only one who noticed that MR's head was showing regrowth in certain shots??? He had stubblehead!!!! HELLO, GET THE BOY SOME NAIR FOR HIS HEAD, THE RAZOR ISN'T DOING A GOOD ENOUGH JOB!!!! I started shouting at the TV about that (it was most noticable in the outdoor wedding shots), and my father thought I was insane, but hell, that should come as no surprise to him by now. And I am really unsure of next week's preview - I'm hoping that what I guessed they were foreshadowing is not what will happen. Boo hoo.

So, it's been just over a week now. I can tell that I do have more stamina for walking and standing, though my knee still hurts quite often, and I still can't do as much as I want and NEED to do. Again, see the post about being-too-hard-on-myself and expecting-too-much-too-soon - I know, I just can't help it. I want to be able to be like a NORMAL person again, someone who doesn't even have to think about how far a place is to decide whether or not I can go there. Day two of "diet," "food plan," "trying to eat better," or whatever euphenism you prefer. Enjoying my butter-flavored cardboard and my carmel-flavored cardboard and the light lunch microwave meal things, the light yogurt is pretty disgusting though. Will try a different brand next week. Yay me. -.-

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