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The truth and nothing but the truth...

So, it's time to reveal the answers to the lies meme.

  • I'm a published smut author.

  • This is the lie. While I did submit an original piece for an anthology that was being published, I was rejected. Boohoo. Congrats to kissaki, aome, altricial and indigosoul for getting it right!

  • I was asked to be in porn movies - the real kind where they pay you.

  • I'm not sure if I should be shocked that only one person thought this was a lie or not. It's true - I was approached when I lived in California, but I said no thanks.

  • I am naked somewhere on the internet.

  • This is true, and it was actually a really cool experience. The site is for large women only, and a woman who models owns the site, so she was the one who took the pictures. It was a lot of fun and I wasn't nervous at all, and I have to say that those photos are some of the best that have ever been taken of me. The site and my pictures are still there, but I'm not saying where because a) you'd have to pay to see the pictures on the site, and b) there's only one person I want seeing me nude these days.

  • I once impersonated Cher on stage in front of a packed house.

  • Most of you thought this was the lie, although I'm uncertain why - perhaps you'll tell me. No, this is true. Back in 1998 when I lived in San Diego, the BiWest convention was held there. I was active in the Bi community and was asked to perform in the variety show they were having to kick off the convention the first night. I was in 3 numbers - one as Cher with a much shorter guy playing Sonny to I Got You Babe, one with 2 nubile boys in next-to-no-clothing while I whipped them doing Be Good to Mama from Chicago long before Queen Latifah, and the last was with two nubile young girls doing Hanky Panky by Madonna. All of the numbers were choreographed by a nice but demanding drag queen, and for whatever reason, people loved the Cher number the most - all weekend people were coming up to me and raving about how excellent I was. It was weird.

  • I've been to one of the best-known sex clubs in Vegas.

  • Yup, that's true. I went with my ex-bf, and although I was propositioned, I only had sex with him. I suppose that might've been one of those clues that I wasn't comfortable being non-monogamous, but hey, I figured it out eventually. And it was an interesting place - I will grant you that.

    Ask questions if you've got any, and hey - I noticed that a few people I've never heard of answered this poll. What's up with that? Comment and let me know who you are and why you're reading my LJ. I'm curious!

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