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This guy needs an instruction book for making phone calls.

So, you guys know that I do tech support for a healthcare data company. Allright. I just got a very interesting call.

Me: S- Helpline, this is Vicki, can I help you?
Moronic Guy: Who is this?
Me: Vicki
MG: What company is this?
Me: S-
MG: Is this Quest?
Me: No, this is S-
MG: What does your company do?
Me: (I reach the end of my patience, as the guy very seriously sounds half-asleep or on drugs) Who IS this?
MG: Uhhhmmm, I'm trying to call this company Quest, it's a sex line...
Me: (dumbfounded) You have the wrong number. *hangs up*

My boss is staring at me and asks me what was that, so I just say to her, "How do I log a call when they meant to call a sex line?" She responded by saying that I do have a very sexy voice. Ha ha ha.

Now, if we had an 800 number where you just got a person immediately, I could see making this mistake. But we have a PHONE TREE. That means that this imbecile had to listen to the initial greeting, CHOOSE the number for Helpline, CHOOSE a second number for the product suite, and then CHOOSE the product before he got one of us!! I just really wish one of the guys had gotten him...

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