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Just a bit of catch up...

The weekend was wonderful, but then, when zorac is around, things are always wonderful. He saw the new place, but you know, I don't think he ever said anything about it, really. *giggles* We had nice food and watched movies (A Knight's Tale, the new version of The Lion King and Dogma) and I got my arse kicked at Trivial Pursuit yet again. Someday, victory will be mine - if for no other reason than it's my name. It is always too soon for him to go back to the airport, and that was no different this time, and Thanksgiving is not 5 as I'd thought but 7 weeks away! Wah, I say. But at least he will be here for 4 days that time.

I suppose that I should not be surprised that I came back to find the fandom in yet another uproar. I'd like to tell you what I think or that I care, but frankly, I've got many more important things to attend to at the moment. Like creating the poll below...

Poll #191412 Where's the lie?

Pick out the lie (you can vote if you know the answers, but don't comment!)

I'm a published smut author.
I was asked to be in porn movies - the real kind where they pay you.
I am naked somewhere on the internet.
I once impersonated Cher on stage in front of a packed house.
I've been to one of the best-known sex clubs in Vegas.

Well kids, have fun with it - I'm going to bed as I am quite exhausted.

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