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Some people really excel at the whole asshat thing.

So, constantine just posted about more fallout from the end of GT, and she referred to a post made by davidjoates. I made the following comment:

And did you also notice that he referred to himself as a lawyer, not a solictor or barrister? Mayhap I am Britpicking too much, but it does make one wonder...

And this is the comment I got back from someone anonymously:

Fucking someone who is British doesn't make you one you fat fucking cow.

Wow. They sure told me, didn't they?

You know, I did not claim to be an expert, nor would I, and I have had an interest in all things British for much longer than the time I've known Mark, but fine, maybe I shouldn't have stuck my nose in. I just found that rather odd.

But to come back and not only attack me, but to denigrate the relationship I have with the man I love? That is so far from decent behavior that I'm really just stunned. And the scariest thing is, this person either has to be someone who knows me or someone who's bothered to read my LJ for more than just an entry or two, because I checked - my recent public entries don't mention Mark being British.

All I know is this - if it was not davidjoates or one of his posse who posted that comment, and it was someone whom I think of as a friend - this is your fair warning that you had better hope I never find out that it was you, because you will regret it.

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