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On sex with fat women, otherwise known as the sport of hogging

After I saw the link to this article on tartpants's LJ, I had to post it here, too, because it needs to get out there. These attitudes and behaviors should not be acceptable for anyone. It's utterly reprehensible to me, and I really hope everyone feels the same. If you don't, I'd really love to hear your explanation.

Have I had men like these hit on me? Sure. Have I ever had an experience with one of them? No. Hell no. Believe it or not, I actually have enough self-esteem that any men who were like these were rather easy to spot, and frankly, I have NEVER been so desperate that I was willing. In fact, I always got great joy out of telling these men exactly where they could go (usually to hell while being scraped by sharp objects and then having salt and lemon juice rubbed into their open wounds).

There is definitely an expectation that fat chicks have no standards and will be grateful if you let them have sex with you (you being men). Have I known women like this? Sadly, yes I have. I wish that there were no women that hated themselves that much. Why am I not like that? Sometimes I wonder. I don't have perfect self-esteem; there are times I think I'm disgusting and ugly and hate my body (never my face - I admit it, I think I'm pretty - woohoo look, I'm so vain). But you know, self-esteem is not just about looks, it's about your overall worth as a person. We are more than just our bodies.

In all seriousness, men like these are the ones who give all men a bad name. This is why I've wondered in the past if men were ashamed to be seen with me in public or have me meet their friends and family. As this article illustrates all too clearly, many men still believe that fat women are like mopeds - they're fun to ride until your friends find out.

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