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I called home to ask my dad a question and he tells me that we got a notice that some of the moronic neighbors are putting on a block party tomorrow and that they will be CLOSING THE STREET AFTER NOON. WHAT???????????????????????? Because I'm SO certain that the truck will be packed by then - NOT!!!! So I fumed the entire drive home, came in the house and called the police (the non-emergency number, of course). I explained the situation and that closing the street was not acceptable. The nice girl who answered the phone took my information and said she'd have a supervisor call me. Less than 3 minutes later the phone rang and I was talking to a nice sergeant. I explained again and he assured me that it should not be a problem - we'd just have to be careful and move the wooden horses they'd put up - and that if the neighbors complained we should call and they'd send an officer to take care of it. I thanked him, thinking, OH AND YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE I'LL CALL IF ANYONE GETS IN MY WAY!!!! >:0!!!!!!!!! I have everything planned and it cannot be changed at this late date!!!! *throws tantrum like a 5-year-old then gets over herself*
Of course, I also left the paperwork with the total move-in amount at work, so I'm going to have to call there tomorrow so I know how much the cashier's check is supposed to be.... *sigh* Yes, I am an idiot.

Now, I'm going to throw the remaining crap into boxes and bags, eat some leftover Chinese and collapse. And I won't be back online until sometime on Sunday - provided our cable gets hooked up tomorrow as planned. *runs around like a chicken with its head cut off*

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