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The gauntlet has been thrown.

You know, there are times when I truly do not understand people. This is one of them.

I posted this in watchful_entity's journal today, a post of the worst vitrol from this troll yet. In it, he/she/it says nasty things about a number of my friends, but none of the comments are nastier than what this waste of oxygen and an internet connection has to say about constantine. I refuse to repeat what was said here, so if you haven't read it, you'll need to go over to its LJ. But what I do want to repeat is the challenge I posed to watchful_entity:

You keep saying that you are watching us and saying the things you say to right a wrong committed against a friend of yours, but you've yet to explain what this wrong was, or who the friend is, or what any of us have done wrong in specific. Therefore I say to you -

Put up the proof - or shut up and go away. Consider this your formal notice to either talk in an adult manner about your issues, or you WILL be reported to LiveJournal for breach of TOS and I have NO doubts that they will shut you down.

That is all.

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