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A couple of people just came and introduced themselves to me, and then we talked about Harry Potter because they saw my intro!

Am big geek.

Also, I called to let the unemployment agency know I had a job. Turns out that I didn't need todo that, but... I am eligible for extended benefits. See, when you get unemployment you only get it for 6 months normally. After that, you get no money - you're just screwed. Well, my 6 months ended at the beginning of August and I didn't think to look into it further, which, when I called, the woman on the phone noticed. Because of the horrible economy and Sept. 11th reprocussions, the government has extended unemployment benefits for an extra 13 weeks. So the upshot of this is that I will get more money from unemployment - I will get paid for the last 6 weeks. I'm not certain how much money that will be - it's hardly going to make me rich - but it'll certainly help with the bills and everything, so that was a bonus for sure.

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