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24 September 2002 @ 10:12 pm
*sighs mostly contently*  
Ahhhh....Smallville. How I have missed my weekly dose of CLexiness.

Wasn't the slashiness lovely? But, pardon me for a moment...
Okay, I feel better now.
And poor Chloe!!! If Lex can't have Clark, it should be Chloe. Why is Clark such a moron??? *attempts to stab Clark and watches knife break*

And I got to see another HP trailer! I hate seeing them on TV. It means I can't watch them over and over again and catch all the details.

I am SOOO bloody tired I literally cannot see. So I am going to go to bed early because I need to get my sleep schedule fixed so I can stay awake and learn this stuff because I have to give a presentation WITHOUT ANY NOTES on Friday on ALL of our products!! I am not panicking yet, but ugh... -.-
I feel: draineddrained
I hear: Still adrift on Smallville bliss